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New Lancer
Sharp Lines
A single glance at the Lancer will tell you all you need to know. It is a sports sedan that will define its owner most accurately for everybody. It is so sportive and dynamic that, even while parking, it looks as if it is moving. Its sportive performance and road handling is as great as how the car looks. When you add the high-quality cabin and Mitsubishi Motors reliability, you will witness how it materializes what it promises.
A Family Tree Full of Success
Lancer provides an excellent combination; a unique look and a powerful structure beneath... Power is the distinguisher feature of all vehicles we produce and Lancer, a 35 year competitor in world rallies is the best example. As well as the successes it accomplished through the years, Lancer also earned the titles "fastest" and "absolute reliability", which could only have been earned through high engineering standards. Since 1973, eight Lancer and nine legendary Lancer Evolution generations have been defined with these exalted titles.

Our company has been active as of the late 1980s, and since the day it was established, it has been a pioneer in the heavenly island of Cyprus with the trust it invokes in our people and with its sales policy.

With vehicles imported from the Far East and European, Osmanlızade Automotive has always offered our people top quality vehicles, held customer satisfaction foremost and created a difference.

We serve our people with a portfolio of automobiles, off-road vehicles, construction machines, commercial vehicles, motorcycles with unlimited models in our 500 vehicle capacity gallery near Hamitköy square.

Always prioritizing trust, customer satisfaction and affordable price principles, we have earned the appreciation of our people with a leading position in today's Cyprus Automobile market.
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